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Additional content on clothing

I think it would be really useful if on each entry it included a dropdown with "how to care for." This dropdown could include "not known" for new entries, but could be updated to "handwash only, dryclean only, etc) by other users.

Another way to do this is if there could be a simple form on the bottom where a user could add how they cleaned the item. You could stack these with a expanding feature if they had multiple entries.

sources box?

Would it be possible to add a box to the form that one can only see when one is editing a listing in which one can put links to sources and notes? Sometimes I run into conflicting info and it might be useful if I could put down, for example "from a wayback machine page time-stamped January 15th, next oldest entry is Sept 12th, unsure if this is 2002 or 2003"

that way if someone comes along and has info I didn't have, they will know the margin of error?

view more items at once?

first of all, I love lolibrary and everything that is being done here, it really rocks. But when I'm just browsing, it's really a pain sometimes because you have to scroll way down the page to get past all of the refinements and then there are just 5 items on the page.

So, if I have a skirt, for example, and I know it's 'red' and 'angelic pretty', I have to scroll through 17 pages to view the 83 possibilities, (which is what I'm doing) if I don't know the name. Even if it was just an option to view images only (linked to the item, of course) in larger groups, it would be helpful for visual searches. (and a lot quicker)

Not trying to complain, and if it's not possible, that's fine. It just would make it a little easier, that's all ^_^