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Need help identifying an item?

Need help identifying an item?

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After exhausting all options on Lolibrary and you still can't identify an item, please post here! Give us something to work with like a picture of the item in question. Serious inquiries only!

If you have the item in your possession and it is Innocent World, look inside for the washing tag, and on one of the tags in that area there may be an item number. If so, include that item number.

Trouble IDing blouse release year - seems like a mixture of two?

BtSSB have released several versions of their pintuck blouse with cutout rose lace, with slight differences between them, but I cannot find photos of this one on Maidenclothing anywhere:

If you look closely, the lace on the collar is typical for many releases of this blouse - it's seen here on a 2006 release and again on a 2014 release:

But the lace on the cuffs doesn't match - instead of the cutouts forming a sort of cross shape, they're more like dots, like this other 2014 blouse:

The pattern of lace on the bodice is like the 2014 releases. I can't find any pictures of any other blouse that combines these two lace types on one garment. Am I missing something (maybe this is a much older release, where lace details aren't visible in the pixelated pictures), or is this blouse probably a 2014 sample?

Have you tried looking at the

Have you tried looking at the lucky packs? This blouse design seems generic enough to where it could have been a LP version. Unfortunately the stock photos are tiny, so I couldn't confirm.

Checked lucky packs - not there

Are you talking about the Maidenclothing stock photos or the lucky pack stock photos? If Maidenclothing, you can get the small pictures to display much larger if you right-click on a stock photo and click "view image" - for some reason Maidenclothing's website loads full-size images within a table that makes them look really small, and this is the only way to see them properly.

I looked through all the lucky packs and it's definitely not any of them. I thought it might possibly be the right-hand blouse in this set, but I found some better photos of the blouse and it's definitely not the same one:

Innocent World lucky pack blouse

Hi all! I go my IW 2017 special happy pack, which include this blouse:
The product number on the tag is 164104, but I couldn't find it on her. Anyone have any clue?

IW lucky pack blouses are

Recent IW lucky pack blouses are typically made for the LP itself. You're free to add an entry if you'd like to have it on record. :)

btssb jsk

I am having a hard time with this dress I know its baby and its old but I want to know more here is what I have found so far these first 2 links are photos of the dress listed in 2 places (2 of the same dress)
it kinda looks like shirring princess…/shirring-princess-jsk-130%E2%98%85205 but without the bustle bit and with more ruffle at the bottom.
also similar to
I have been looking everywhere for this dress with no luck other than finding those listings (I own this)

Shirring JSK

It's called Shirring JSK, but I don't know what year your dress is from (yet).
I've created an entry for the 2007 release (different lace) here:

ooh thank you this helps a

ooh thank you this helps a lot thank you!

also been linked another

also been linked another listing also in pink


Metamorphose lace skirt

AP old school?

Hi, I saw this op on lacemarket and tried to look it up but I couldnt find it

more pictures ~ it came in polka dots too?

Found these on Wunderwelt:

also based in the tag I think its from 2002 or 2003

Mi Song Painting Quarted??

saw that listing but am unable to find more info on that brand/etc but I'm not taobao savvy D:

doesn't seem to be listed here tho

16年油画系列JSK is the name I

16年油画系列JSK is the name I found, and the dress has 4 colorways.

Here's the entry with all the information I can find:

Dolly Berry

I can't seem to find entries for Dolly Berry's lolita OPs.

That sales post has all 3 of the prints I'm aware of. Flying Trump came in pink and beige but they don't have pics of the beige. From what I have seen, I believe Rainy Day only came in blue

could we get them added? would do it myself but i'm quite tired right now and would likely miss a bunch of info

I've added them

I've added them here:
Dolly Berry Powdery Bunny JSK Set
Dolly Berry Flying Trump OP
Dolly Berry Rainy Day OP

If you have any additional information feel free to comment.



Meta OP

I was browsing Mercari and I found this Meta (?) OP and I looked all over trying to find it here but I'm at a loss haha. Obviously I wasn't sure if it's actually Meta since they don't show the tags but even when I looked at other brands I didn't see it listed.

A&A Parfait

I own the pink colourway JSK of Aura & Ariel's Parrot Parfait and I saw it wasn't listed here, so I was going to create an entry. However, it's since sold out since I bought it and is removed from their Taobao shop. I can't find stock photos of it or the skirt, except these:

It only came in the purple and pink colourways, I know for sure. The original title on the skirt was "Parfait巴菲小高腰雪纺定位印花 半身裙sk"

If anyone has any more, I'd appreciate it!


I found these bigger pictures:!!0-item_pic.jpg

And this site has stock photos of the pink version and jsk:

Wonderful, thank you so

Wonderful, thank you so much!! I'll add it soon.


No problem, glad I could help! :)
I just found the matching headbow too:

Need help identifying this skirt

It's by Metamorphose and I bought it 5 years ago, never knew the exact model so maybe someone here recognizes this one. It has full shirring and white lining, there's no article number on the washing tag or anywhere nearby.

Here's the skirt:

I could provide more images if you like.
Thanks in advance, maybe you know this skirt ;)

Maybe another colorway of this one?


I just bought an Angelic Pretty JSK, but I can't see it aywhere on Lolibrary. I know it's one of their earlier releases, but any help identifying it, even just a year of release, will be of much help.

Once I receive it, I can post photos of the tag.

I'm fairly certain this is

I'm fairly certain this is what you purchased:

Maybe a diff year rerelease, since sax isn't listed in the official colors.

Interested to see the tag - I

Interested to see the tag - I noticed this dress looking through Wunderwelt and this looks a LOT like one of Metamorphose's standard older designs. I have looked in the past for it but didn't find anything.

You were right, the tag says

You were right, the tag says Metamorphose. Silly Wunderwelt :P I've found this JSK on here already, but thank you for your help. :D

Re: tag

You'd hope that Wunderwelt could tell the difference between Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose/would look and the tag. I'll post it when it arrives.

Moitie Skirt

I got a Moitie skirt of lacemarket and can't find it on lolibary. I'd love to know more about it if someone has the info!

Voile lace skirt

It's called 'ボイルレーススカート' (Voile lace skirt) and it was released in 2006, item number EGL-67777 (this number should be on the laundry tag).

It cost 17000 yen before tax and came in white, blue and black.

Added here:

Magic Tea Party blouse


I have a Magic Tea Party blouse which I got via Lacemarket. I don't think the Lolita who was selling it knew the model ame either, so all your help will be much appreciated.

Photo: (excuse the messy desk, please)

Angelic Pretty Skirt

There is no name for it on the listing.. Searched through Lolibrary a few times with different tags but cant seem to find anything?

There isn't much info in form of a "tag/ label timeline" so I really determine age based on that either?

ANy ideas??


I tried looking around for

I tried looking around for any information for this, but the label indicates to me that it's probably a pre-2006 piece. There're some similar skirts in the years 2000-2002 to it, but I don't have any definitive name. :\

Heart E Deer skirt.

Only picture I could find in another color:
It's a Heart E Skirt. I recently purchased after a long time ago seeing it on egl in this color, and then it recently popped up on a sales group in a different color and I jumped on the opportunity.
I have a few pictures of me in it:
Has anyone seen it?
I've tried Heart E+ "Fawn skirt" "deer skirt" "chibi deer"

According to what I've seen,

According to what I've seen, the character is called こじかのピコちゃん (Pico-chan the Fawn). There is a 2006 version called こじかのピコちゃん水玉JSK (Pico-chan the Fawn polka dot JSK) and one of the colorways is red.

Angelic Pretty Coat

I reckon that this is an older piece. My mother purchased this for me, but, does anyone know the name, or what year it came out?

Your coat resembles パールリボンコート

Your coat resembles パールリボンコート (Pearl Ribbon Coat, 2008), shown here in the white colorway:

and black colorway:


The second link in black is exactly what I have! Is there a name or release date for it?

パールリボンコート (Pearl Ribbon Coat,

パールリボンコート (Pearl Ribbon Coat, 2008)

I have stumbled upon a couple

This is one of

The first one is called

The first one is called "Picnic on a Cliff", IIRC. I'm about 90% sure that's the English name. I don't know the others.

Identifying 3 dresses

Hello,I'd love to know the real name of three dresses:

The first one is a veveteen Btssb OP:
(I can confirm there's a btssb tag inside)

The second one is a Metamorphose Set:

The third one appears to be an old Moitie Set:
I saw a similar JSK in the wayback machine but can't find the bolero.The seller wrote she bought it in(?) the Moitie shop in Aoyama,Tokyo (or at the time when the shop was still around).

The Moitie jacket is called

The Moitie jacket is called "Frill Jacket" or フリルジャケット and is from 2002, item no EGL-24249.
The Moitie JSK is most likely "Flared JSK" or フレアージャンパースカート from 2002, item no EGL-24251.

You can find the item numbers on the laundry tags of your items.

Awesome,thank you very

Awesome,thank you very much!
I will look for the item number once the set arrives.

"Best Wish Ice Crystals Castle"?

could we get an entry for this? Seems like a taobao item?

Added,althought the

Added,althought the price,year & original sizing wasnt found.if you do please let me know :)

could we get an entry for this?

Sorry, last time I created an entry, a mod got mad at me...