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Posting Guidelines

Posting Guidelines

Creating Content: Search First!

Creating your own content is easy- but before you decide to add that special item of yours to the database, make sure you search for the item you want to add to see if it already has an entry. We don't want to have duplicate entries as it will dilute the results of the database.

Creating Content: Submit Second!

Now, it's time to create your content. Just click the link that says Add Content and Reviews in the left hand panel. Then click on the type of content you want to add and you will be greeted by a form. Now, start plugging away!

Creating Content: Guidelines

Below are the posting guidelines when creating your content.

Titles: For Title fields, capitalize the first letters in words that aren't a, and, or, in, of, or the.

Titles+: Use JSK and OP instead of "jumper skirt," "wanpisu," or "dress." This keeps records looking neat and uniform, and easier to navigate in the search. Alternate titles can be added to the Other Notes field.

Japanese Title If the Japanese name of the item is available please insert it here.

Sizes If an item comes in multiple sizes you only need to create one entry for it. You can add additional sizing info in the fields, for example: S 78 // M 85 // L 92 // LL 99.

Teaser thumbnails: Please upload a teaser image for each post that will show up as the representative image for the item in searches and gallery listings.

Colorways: If you're torn on colorways go for the most basic or obvious color. It's OK to leave some information out if you're not certain. MaruiOne's site has less complicated apparel information for newer items if you need more guidance.

Tags: If you don't have all the information on a garment, you can put the "partial" tag on the record. This isn't necessary for items that have images and sizing info but lack washing instructions, and you may use this tag at your own discretion. Please do not use add tags that are not in the system. When you start typing a word, there should be a drop down menu of words for you to choose from. If there's no drop down menu, then that word is not on the tag list. Tagging should be used for words that don't appear anywhere else in the body of the record (so you wouldn't need a tag for "skirt" or "pink" or "Victorian Maiden") but are pertinent searching information, such as "fruits" for fruit themed clothing.

To view our list of tags please go here > Advanced search > Tags will be listed in the box

HTML Formatting: Owner Notes and Other Features fields are configured to create paragraph and line breaks by adding several blank lines. You can modify the Input Format to use full HTML for breaks if needed.

Sizes: For garments with multiple sizing information, please create one record for the garment and include all sizing information in the Other Notes field.

Example: Here is an example of a perfectly formed entry: Details are checked off, colors marked off, and the alternate title is included in a separate field.

Following these guidelines will help us get your post approved more quickly so please try to utilize them whenever possible. If you're ready to start editing other entries, please send soniabunny a note via private messaging with an example of an entry you've created that follows these guidelines. We'll upgrade your account status so you can start editing existing entries. Thank you!

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