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Welcome to Lolibrary!

Welcome to Lolibrary!

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Thank you for visiting, your source for the most up to date information on Lolita fashion clothing and releases.
Please use the search options on the menu above or left to start searching or leaving reviews and comments.

Those who wish to contribute to our archive of data as a user, should contact us via the message function on the Lolibrary Facebook page. Please include your email address and the username you would like in your message so an account can be made for you. Password reset requests should also be messaged to us on Facebook.

To learn more about Lolibrary and how to create content, please click the "read more" link.

Enjoy your visit!


Thank you for visiting this community. This site is constantly growing and needs your help to get it where it needs to be: creating content, adding pictures and info, providing true measurement information, and sharing your opinions and reviews of items.

Please stick around and contribute to our growing community. The following is a guide on how to use Lolibrary.

Searching for Items

Got an particular dress in mind, but you can't remember the name or year it was released? No problem!
The search functionality on Lolibrary is simple and quick to use. Using the Apparel or Shoe searches, you can make multi-layered searches item type, brand, style, color and more-- without even knowing the name of the item! Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top of the page to perform a keyword search.

Item Entries

Entries on Lolibrary are the most comprehensive source for information on Lolita clothing. In addition to original stock photos and measurements, each entry also contains information on colors, design features, user comments, ratings and a listing of users who own and want to buy that item.

How to Create an Account

With a Lolibrary account, you can submit content to the Lolibrary, and access any special members-only features, like wishlists, sales lists and closets. To get started, click on the registration link underneath the login box to your left, or in this line. After submitting your registration form, your account will undergo approval by a moderator, which should take from 24-48 hours.

** NOTICE ** Our registration is currently disabled due to malicious attacks. Please email thelolitalibrary at gmail or message us on our Facebook for an account. Please be sure to include your email and your desired username when sending an inquiry.

Creating Wishlists and Closets

Once you create a Lolibrary account, you can do so much more! Lolibrary has a wishlist and closet list functionality, where you can look up items and add them to your lists. It's a good way of keeping track of what you own and any clothes you want to buy. You can share your lists with others using your Lolibrary profile!

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