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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing to contribute to the Lolibrary! Your help is crucial in supporting this site and making it a useful resource for the community. Here's how to get started:

♥ Click on Create Content in the Menu block.
♥ Choose Apparel.
Title Enter the name of the product you are adding, e.g. Cheeky Monkey Banana Skirt
Tags Enter any tags that will be needed to identify this item. Any words or phrases that appear in the content do not need to be tags.
♥ Select a Brand from the dropdown menu.
♥ Select an Item Type from the dropdown menu.
♥ Enter the Price of the item in yen if available.
♥ Enter the Year this item was made. You can leave this blank.
♥ Check the boxes for a maximum of ten Colorways for the item. Yes, there are a lot. It's Angelic Pretty's fault.
♥ Check the boxes for any Features this item has.
♥ Did we miss anything? For any features or measurements that don't fit in any other fields, supply this information in Other notes.
♥ If you have the garment with you, check the boxes for any washing instructions included on the label. Refer to the Japanese Care Labelling System for any symbols you don't recognize.
♥ Enter any Bust, Waist, or Length measurements in centimeters that are provided by the Brand.
♥ If you have the garment with you, enter any Bust, Waist, or Length measurements in centimeters that you have taken yourself.
♥ If you own or have worn the garment you're adding, share any notes or comments about it in Owner's Notes.
♥ Add any Images you have of this item. Stock photos and worn pictures are ideal! There is a separate FAQ for image uploads.

♥ All done? Click Save.

If you're signed in your content will be published. If you submitted as an anonymous user your content will be sent to the moderation queue for review by the Lolibrarians. is indexed periodically depending on the volume of submissions at any given time. Your content will be indexed within 24 hours, but if the site is very active it may be indexed even sooner.

The script that creates the teaser thumbnails runs periodically, and creates a thumbnail based on the first image that is stored in the gallery that was uploaded. If you check back in a day everything should all set.

Only authenticated users can bypass the moderation queue. Make sure you are logged in to in case you need to edit your content afterwards. Anonymous users will not be able to view or edit their submissions.

You may get an error such as "This content was modified by another user. Changes were not saved," when editing content that you did not originally create. To fix this, go to the bottom of the page and enter your Lolibrary username in the Authoring Information. Click Save. You can now edit the node without further interruption.

No. Provide only as much information as you're comfortable with sharing online.

User profiles on are only intended to share basic information. If you need more social networking options, you might consider linking your Facebook or LiveJournal page in your Lolibrary user profile.

Thank you! Lolibrary depends on user submitted content to stay up to date and relevant. If you haven't had a chance, please go to your closet and add any items that aren't on the site yet. Break out the tape measure and tell us how much stretch that jumperskirt really has. Share worn pictures of clothing in the galleries. Or peruse the site and rate your favorite items.

Alternately, you can choose to make a cash donation to the site. All donations will be used to offset the costs of hosting

Shoes have their own rating system so we can gauge more of the factors that go into its fit. In create content, choose Shoe Review and select the shoe from the dropdown list under "Select the product you wish to review." Fill out the rest of the review with the information you have available. Your review will be aggregated with the shoe content.

Coming soon: We're working on a few hacks to make adding and viewing reviews a bit easier. :)

Rate the item with the five star heart rating widget and leave a review of the item in the comments. Love it? Hate it? Would you recommend it to your friends? Let the community know!

The rating hearts below the shoes get their data from submitted shoe reviews. (Create a Shoe Review here.) The ratings that appear under the shoes are aggregated from all the reviews submitted for that item. Garment reviews aren't as complicated and only need a simple voting mechanism, but we want you to have an easy way to look at all the information provided about shoes' style, comfort, and sizing which is why shoes work a little bit differently.

Lolibrary hosts a private messaging system you can use to contact other site members.

Go to My Account, and Edit. Scroll down to "Comment follow-up notification settings."

To receive notifications about comments on your content, check the box next to Receive node follow-up notification e-mails.

To receive notifications about replies to your comments, choose "Replies to my comment" in the dropdown menu under Receive comment follow-up notification e-mails. is a website powered by Drupal, an open source content management platform, with a MySQL database backend.

At this time anonymous and new users are unable to edit content. You can leave comments on items with the information or image links you wish to upload.

Authenticated new users can edit content they have created.