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Issue Report Center

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Please report any problems you have with the site here. Check the FAQ to see if your problem has been addressed or has a workaround:

Series not in search results

Baby's "Pastoral in the Grass Green ~Poem of the Shepherd~" series is not showing up in the search.

They should be available now.

They should be available now.

Items not showing up in search

I uploaded AatP's Tricky Nightmare Factory series and the accessories named Sweet Nightmare, but they do not come up in the search results. They've been in the database for a couple days and I am typing the name in correctly, so I'm thinking it might be a glitch in the system. Could someone please look into it? Thank you!

Missing closet item

There was a dress in my closet and now it's gone. Is there a reason why it was deleted? I have photos but can't find any information on the dress, aside from basic colors and that it was in a lucky pack.

The link used to be here:


I re-added it here last week:

I came across the special set in Meta's old blog last week and I couldn't find an entry for it in the database under "Sets", so I created a new entry.

Of course, when I was done creating the new entry, I found the older entry listed under "JSK".
Because I didn't want to re-upload everything to the older entry, I deleted the old entry. I did add all of the photos from the old entry to the new entry, so no information was lost.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: I merged the entry you just created with my entry from last week.

Thank you!

No worries. I couldn't find it through searching so I didn't know if it was an error or not. I'm glad to finally see the full set, as I only have the JSK.

Delete account?

I could like to delete my account here but I don't know here I can do it, please help?

listed as AP when BtSSB
Dress Up Party Wallet listed as Angelic Pretty when it is a Baby the Stars Shine Bright item.

Changed, thanks.

Changed, thanks.

Duplicate entries

There are two entries for the Angelic Pretty Candy Treat OP:

One of them's been deleted,

One of them's been deleted, thanks.

Wishlist viewing problems

Hi! I've had this problem for several months now and at first I thought it was just a random glitch but nothing I've tried works! I can't view page 2 of my Wishlist, and it's ONLY page 2. It appears to just keep loading forever but nothing ever shows up. All other pages load perfectly fine. And when I add things to the Wishlist and items get bumped onto the next page (like from 2 to 3) they appear at the top of 3 so I know everything is still there, just as long as it exists on page 2 it can't be viewed... Help!

Duplicate entry



Duplicate entries

P10SC821 ギルティメルティスイーツタウン柄キャンディストライプオーバーニーソックス


I've deleted one of them,

I've deleted one of them, thanks for reporting.

One has been deleted, thanks.

One has been deleted, thanks.

Duplicate entry

Was adding something from the Tiara Gobelin series and found duplicate entries:

Merged, thank you.

Merged, thank you.


Concerning this entry:

Concerning this entry:

Should this be in jewelry and not accessories?

Problem with uploading pictures

concerning this entry:
whenever I try to fill the gallery, the pictures come out as random VM stock pictures which are from other items.
This problem only occurs when I try to edit the gallery of this specific entry :/

I don't know the reason for

I don't know the reason for the problem, but sometimes renaming the file helps fix it.

It helped in this case.

It helped in this case. Thanks for your advice!


Thanks, one has been deleted.

Thanks, one has been deleted.

batch of duplicate entries

I have compiled a list of duplicate entries I have run across recently. I have also given Japanese names/translations of those that did not have them before that I could find. There are also some with updated stock photos that you may wish to add to the entries once they're merged.

Nazareth JSK L014 (ナザレドレス付ジャンパースカート L014)

Ribbon Blouse L015 (リボンブラウス L015) /

Standup Collar Blouse L016 (立衿ブラウス L016)

Front Bustle Yukata OP with Corset L017 (コルセット付フロントバッスルゴスロリ浴衣 L017)

Mellow Cat OP Set L022 (メローキャットワンピースセット L022)

Strawberryful Yukata OP L043 (苺いっぱいゴスロリ浴衣 L043)

Cha Cha Double Bow Shoes shoes178 (チャチャ ダブルリボンシューズ shoes178)

Betty Double Frill Cropped Cardigan L062 (ベティー ダブルフリルプチカーディガン L062)

Berry Rose Blouse and Skirt Set with Mini Cape L063 (ベリーローズ ミニケープ付上下セット L063)

Martine Scalloped 2-Button Coat L064 (マルチーヌ スカラップ2ボタンコート L064)

Hamnett Gingham Coat with Headdress L065 (ハムネット ヘッドドレス付ギンガムチェックコート L065)

Striped Bow Blouse L070 (ストライプのリボンが個性ブラウス L070 )

Lolita Blouse L074 (ロリータブラウス L074)

Corinne Teddy Bear & Letter Print Skirt L143 (コリンヌ テディベアー&レター柄スカート L143)

2-Tier Frill Bouquet High Waist Skirt L353 (2段フリルブーケハイウエストスカート L353)

Skirt G826

Skirt G1163

The entries have been merged.

The entries have been merged. There are entries that were left separate due to the year listed, which makes them not duplicates.


Fixed, thank you.

Fixed, thank you.

I think this user should be

I think this user should be deleted: seoedan
Seems like the usual spambot, just look at this comment:


I was questionable about this account when I first approved it but at least we caught it early. Thanks! :D

Yeah, ,,joging" as fashion

Yeah, ,,joging" as fashion inspiration was a bit strange, but you never know, haha! :D

Lol, so true! But I've seen

Lol, so true! But I've seen some weird answers that turns out not to be spam. So I try to give the benefit of the doubt sometimes! xD

Fixed. Thanks!

Fixed. Thanks!

Duplicate entries

There are three entries for this JSK, one for each size. These could be collapsed into one entry, per guidelines. (this page)

I have combined all three

I have combined all three entries into one, thank you!

Gallery Feature Grayed out?

Edit: It seems to be working okay now. I don't know why it wasn't before!

So I finally got around to trying to add content for the first time!
But when I got to the bottom to add photos, the gallery button was grayed out and I couldn't add photos.
Wasn't sure what to do about that.
I want to add more content so I'd like to find out what's up!~

I think this is happening

I think this is happening when a lot of people are online. The page isn't loading properly then. At least that's what I've noticed, but it's just a conjecture.


Hello, secretrosegard!

The entries you posted are not duplicates. If you look at the product numbers, you can see that they are different. That means the same item has been rereleased, sometimes even in the same year.

As we try to archive every single item, rereleases will be posted, too.

These aren't duplicates.

These aren't duplicates. BtSSB (and other brands) often release items over the year/years that look alike and have the same name but have different product number. Usually it has to do with new colors, diff fabric, etc.



I will transfer all the stuff from my post to amethystcitrine's post to preserve her entry. Thanks for letting us know will delete the duplicate. :)

Wrong Brand name on item! I found this while trying to find a specific Angelic Pretty coat. Can I change that myself or is it the job of the moderators? Also I've noticed that many items lack of important tags such as colour or what item they are (like coat), can I fix those myself also? Thanks!


Fixed! Basic casual users does not have access to edit entries except for their own entries they make. When you see items that are missing information, please comment on it and one of the Lolibrarians will fix it immediately. :)

As for tags, some items don't need to be tagged as coat since we already have an "Item Type" category that can be found through search. Tags are reserved for words that don't appear anywhere else in the body of the record (so you wouldn't need a tag for "skirt" or "pink" or "Victorian Maiden") but are pertinent searching information, such as "fruits" for fruit themed clothing.

Thanks for your contribution!