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Please report any problems you have with the site here. Check the FAQ to see if your problem has been addressed or has a workaround:


Hello, secretrosegard!

The entries you posted are not duplicates. If you look at the product numbers, you can see that they are different. That means the same item has been rereleased, sometimes even in the same year.

As we try to archive every single item, rereleases will be posted, too.

These aren't duplicates.

These aren't duplicates. BtSSB (and other brands) often release items over the year/years that look alike and have the same name but have different product number. Usually it has to do with new colors, diff fabric, etc.



I will transfer all the stuff from my post to amethystcitrine's post to preserve her entry. Thanks for letting us know will delete the duplicate. :)

Wrong Brand name on item! I found this while trying to find a specific Angelic Pretty coat. Can I change that myself or is it the job of the moderators? Also I've noticed that many items lack of important tags such as colour or what item they are (like coat), can I fix those myself also? Thanks!


Fixed! Basic casual users does not have access to edit entries except for their own entries they make. When you see items that are missing information, please comment on it and one of the Lolibrarians will fix it immediately. :)

As for tags, some items don't need to be tagged as coat since we already have an "Item Type" category that can be found through search. Tags are reserved for words that don't appear anywhere else in the body of the record (so you wouldn't need a tag for "skirt" or "pink" or "Victorian Maiden") but are pertinent searching information, such as "fruits" for fruit themed clothing.

Thanks for your contribution!

New user

Hi! You might have some problems with account creation. I wanted to sign up but I never got my confirmation e-mail. It was a few months ago though. I read that you had problems with some e-mail addresses, but mine is so it shouldn't be a problem. My account name was Drage3000.

Yes, we were having some

Yes, we were having some account creation issues a few months ago. Please email me at admin at lolibrary dot org with the email you want and username, I will restore your account. I'm sorry for the trouble!

greenteariver, it seems

greenteariver, it seems you're not getting my messages. Could you please get back to me about this (somehow)? Thank you!

Also, the shout box isn't working (for me). Did I miss something or is something wrong with my account? I feel so unknowing, ah ... I'm sorry!

Did you get your issues

Did you get your issues fixed? If not please email admin at lolibrary dot org your problem and I'll see if she can fix your problem when she has time. I know she's been busy lately. Sorry!

I just wanted to let you know

I just wanted to let you know that I was able to contact greenteariver. Thank you very much for your help, though! :)


16022001 スワンレースオーバーニー

'予約' means reservation.
I think the second one is better.

Fixed, thank you!

Fixed, thank you!

Double Entry

Since it has a different

Since it has a different inventory number along with different Japanese name, both entries will be kept. Thank you for posting.

Duplicate Pages

Fixed, thank you!

Fixed, thank you!

Pages in 'Brands' section

I noticed something about pages in the 'Brands' section. At one point when I try to search through the list of the clothes of a brand (page 1, p. 2, p. 3,...)and when I click to go to a new page (example: I click page 4), the space where the list of clothes should be is blank and when I try to refresh it, it returns me to page 1. It is really annoying because I would like to go through all of the clothes (of a certain brand) and I can't. Can this be fixed?
Kind regards.

Thanks for pointing out this

Thanks for pointing out this bug-- please check the brand page now, and see if it works for you now?

Uploading Images

Sorry if this is the wrong place for posting my problem, but I don't know who I should message about it.

I just uploaded my very first entry. While creating it, I was a bit confused about the process of uploading the images. There's the green button for it and the ,,Gallery". First I uploaded all the pictures there and gave them appropriate titles. Then I uploaded them with the green button, too. Now my entry has two galleries, one with the titles if you move the mouse over the picture and another.

I don't think this is correct? How should I upload images in the future?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Hi there! Thanks for your

Hi there! Thanks for your contribution.

There are two upload systems available because some people were having issues with the multiple file uploader (the green button), so we provided individual upload as well. Please use one or the other in the future :)

Ah, alright, that's a great

Ah, alright, that's a great thing!
Thank you very much for your help, now I know what I have to do. :)

Fixed. Thank you very much

Fixed. Thank you very much for bringing these entries to our attention.

Cartes du Lapin JSK versions

The red dress is the same dress as the blue one and has the same design. By some reasons official site does not provide the picture of the red dress. But here is the picture from the second hand shop:
Also the official red dress picture has a note "イメージ画像" that means that this picture is not the dress itself. It is just for the colour reference. Exactly the same picture represents the skirt:


are duplicates. Second link has better information and better product photos, first link includes design drawings.


Was browsing stuff for wishlisting and found duplicate entries~ & !

Hi. Thank you for bringing

Hi. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The two entries have different product numbers. For what it's worth, they may have been re-releases, as one was released in April and the other in July. :)

Confirmed Re-release

Looks like it! ^^ I poked around and per "大人気のJSKがリピート入荷致しました!" (JSK was extreme popularity so we restocked!), which means that the one with the 107P222 item number is a re-release. I'm going to go ahead and tag the entry with (re-release) in the name to avoid confusion. ^_^

sugar fairy cake

There are also quite a few duplicates for the Sugar Fairy Cake series!

Found a duplicate of a dress thats already posted!

Just wanna let you know about this duplicated post:

Which is a duplicate of this:

Which has more info written on it than the previous anyway P:

Thank you!

Fixed. Thanks for bringing

Fixed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


We'll put it on our list and eventually someone will edit the entry and have it changed. Thanks. :)

I'm trying to add a new

I'm trying to add a new Juliette et Justine skirt to the library but when it comes to uploading the images I get a server error. Is it just me?


We received a few messages about this issue. We're working to solve it but for the time being we found a workaround. We found a lot of users are using old browser versions, can you check to see if you have the latest browser installed? Also, another way to avoid this issue is to press upload on the teaser image before you try to upload multiple images to the gallery. Please let me know if any of this solves your problem. Thanks!

Hello, is it possible to edit

is it possible to edit items? I have all stock photos of but I can't add them to that entry.
Thanks :)

Editing entries

Hi Petra,

Thanks for your comment. Only users that have correctly and accurately submitted a few complete entries to Lolibrary can be granted librarian status, and thus given permission to edit or delete other entries (and post entries without moderation). If you would like to contribute the images otherwise, you are welcome to attach them in a comment or private message and a librarian will add them on your behalf. Thank you!

I've been around a while....

I'd like to be able to edit things, because people do not always click on comments. I only intend to edit items that I have owned/worn, mostly in the area of measurements; there are a lot of brand items that are either significantly larger or smaller than the listed "official" measurements, and I keep seeing people link to the pages for these items on the sales comm and also list measurements that I have plainly stated in comments below are dead wrong (for instance, there is no way Heart Rose Shirring JSK has a 119 cm bust, my bust is 112 and it won't go; whereas Ribbon Crown JSK which allegedly goes to 98 fits me with room to spare).

I even have some worn pix to post for some items.

Thanks! I think by now everyone knows I'm not a spammer? I may have some opinions that get me in hot water in discussions, but for the most part I neither lie nor post links to Viagra.

Hello, Apologies for late


Apologies for late response but as of right now the only entries regular users can currently edit are the ones you've personally made. While not everyone reads the comments, at least it's there if anyone is really looking for more info. Maybe later on we can improve how the comment appears so users can see it better but for now we're working on it. If anything I edit the two entries you've to mentioned and noted your comments on them. You're welcome to link me to the comments on entries you've made and I can add those notes for you. Thanks for your contribution to Lolibrary.

I've fixed this but

Somehow there was a picture of an elderly lady in my profile under "fashion sense" that I didn't upload. Am a little concerned that some jerk has hacked my account.

Something is wrong with the size info here...

It looks to me like somehow the size info got scrambled. The LL size information is correct (I own this JSK in that size) but for some reason it's listed in the middle, but the M size info is all the way down at the bottom and the L size info is on top, and also labeled size LL. Thanks, Tif

Thank you for pointing out this problem

Thank you for pointing out this problem.

I move the data around, so now the information is displayed properly.

Mislabeling and additional info

Hi there!

I found some mislabeling on this post:

The official name for this skirt is "Circus Print Balloon Skirt/サーカス柄バルーンスカート"

The colors it comes in are black, sax, ivory, pink, and off-white.

It has two detachable bows, front lacing, and partial shirring in the back.

Thank You ^_^

EDIT - I also found an Innocent World OP that is posted twice with most of the same pictures but conflicting information here:
& here:

Thank you! I edited the AatP

Thank you! I edited the AatP info, I will have to figure out which one of the IW entries is the most correct and will edit out the info. Once again, thanks for pointing it out. ;D


(duplicates are no longer duplicates)

Also, call me crazy, but... I can't seem to find a staff list anywhere.

Fixed and fixed. ;D

Fixed and fixed. ;D

Wrong label
This is obviously Innocent World, not Metamorphose.

I was looking for the brand

I was looking for the brand Maxicimam and I noticed it wasn't on the list