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Starlit Sky Tent and the Secret Circus Troupe JSK I


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Released in 2016

Product number: P12OJ221

Originally listed for ¥34,344.00

Submitted by theladymienshao

Published on


80 ~ 90 cm (31.50 ~ 35.43 in)


94 cm (37.01 in)


64 ~ 74 cm (25.20 ~ 29.13 in)


Materials: vintage satin (100% polyester), other (100% polyester), other (100% polyester), polyester lining Official colors pink x gold lace/piping x pink ribbon x ivory other material green x gold lace/piping x green ribbon x ivory other material blue x gold lace/piping x blue ribbon x black other material red x gold lace/piping x blue/purple ribbon x purple other material black x gold lace/piping x black ribbon x black other material The vest style part of the bodice, hem and buttons are gold on all colorways. サーカス団をイメージしたベスト風のジャンパースカートです❤︎ イチオシの型♪ The vest type jumper skirt was inspired by circus troupe attires ❤︎ We highly recommend this cut♪ ‟紅く 燃えるような空に 夜の帳が降り 星空の天幕を飾る… 三日月は笑い 星たちが囀り始める頃  秘密のサーカス団は目を醒ます… 決して誰にも知られてはならない秘密… 今宵も貴方の血を求めて 彷徨う影と 終わらないパレードを共に…” "Crimson fiery sky in the night the book is down decorate the tent of the starry sky ... Crescent moon circus of secret when I start laughing star we tweet is awake ... Secret that never should not be known to anyone ... Tonight is also both a parade that does not end with the shadow wandering in search of your blood ..."

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