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Dream Fantasy Special Set

Dream Fantasy Special Set

Item Info

Released in 2012

No product number recorded.

Originally listed for ¥31,500.00

Submitted by raine-dragon

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Owner Waist

Blouse: 80cm | JSK: 70cm - 91.5cm

Owner Notes

JSK has full back shirring, but no zipper. Straps have a button on each strap with another 2-inches or so of fabric so you can move the button. The buttons attach to loops on the back of the JSK. JSK has two pockets. Coat is A-line.

Owner Bust

Blouse: 90cm | JSK: 80cm ~ 101.5cm


Reservations Starting Dec-13-2012, for 2013 New Years Set 
Set Contains:
 Dreamハートショートコート (Dream Heart Short Coat) 
Dream Fantasy 胸リボンジャンパースカート (Dream Fantasy Chest Ribbon JSK) 
Dream切り替えブラウス (Dream Switching Blouse) 
Dream 両山レースカチューシャ (Dream... Two Mountain Lace Headbow?) 
オーガンジーパニエ (Organdy Panier) 
Dreamリボンポシェット (Dream Ribbon Pochette) 
Dream Fantasy オーバーニー (Dream Fantasy OTKs)

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