Jewelry Snow JSK by Angelic Pretty

Jewelry Snowジャンパースカート

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  • Price
    JPY 31104
  • Bust
  • Length
    about 92cm
  • Waist
    about 75~85cm
  • Material
    Body: Organdy (100% Polyester) with Flocky Print (100% Rayon)
  • Other Notes
    •Tulle Lace
    •Torchon Lace

    ★ Original Jewelry Snow Pattern Flocked Print Organdy was used.
    ★ Original Jewelry Snow Organdy ribbon was used. It will be white for all colorways.
    ☆ Chiffon (100% polyester) was used for the gray part.
    ☆ Satin ribbon and chiffon ribbon was used.
    ☆ Silver lace was used.
    ☆ Braid trim was used. It will be silver for all colorways.
    ☆ Lace will be white for all colorways.
    ☆ Chest ribbon brooch, waist ribbon jabot, shoulder straps, and back waist ribbon are removable.
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