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Fairy in "Mori no Miyako" Kuma Kumya Pochette (2018 Sendai Limited)


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Released in 2018

Product number: B42UK858

Originally listed for ¥10,260.00

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[Official colorway]
Mint green x Light pink lace x Mint ribbon (neck) x Mint  ribbon (ear) x Pink flower x Pink eyes/eyelashes x Light pink nose/mouth x Pink soles of hands and feet x Pink shoulder strap

[Release info]
Sendai PARCO store exclusive. Entry from June 4 2018 to Jun 24 2018. Limited edition to commemorate Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's 30th anniversary in business. The name comes from Sendai's nickname "Mori no Miyako," meaning "City of Trees."

[Design notes]
 The pochette's name comes from Sendai's nickname "Mori no Miyako," meaning "City of Trees," and the green color is meant to evoke Sendai's famous greenery. Special princess drop embroidery with fairy wings on the right leg. On the left leg are the Yosei Usakumya-chan and Kumakumya-chan marks and the Sendai store logo. The ribbon around Usakumya's neck is pink; the ribbon around Kumakumya's neck is mint. When arranged side by side, it becomes a cute twin color! 

Additional photos from Tokyo Alice.

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