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Little Usakumya Rucksack


Item Info

Released in 2017

Product number: B41UK890

Originally listed for ¥3,672.00

Submitted by theladymienshao

Published on


13 cm (5.12 in)


Official colors 
-white x pink ribbon x white lace x pink eye/eyelash x light pink nose/mouth 
-white x red ribbon x white lace x pink eye/eyelash x light pink nose/mouth  

ちいさなうさくみゃちゃんが新登場くみゃ❤︎ ドールや、くみゃポシェットに背負わせるとピッタリなサイズ❤︎ 
ちいさすぎて何も入れられないのが残念だけど、 手足にはきちんとジョイントも入っていて好きなポーズもできるし、 フードもきちんとはずせるし、うさくみゃリュックを そのまま小さくしちゃったかわいいうさくみゃちゃんです❤︎ 
ぜひぜひドールやくみゃポシェットに合わせてほしいくみゃ❤︎ でもでも好きなようにつかってほしいくみゃ❤︎ 
A very small, little Usakumya is here❤︎ It's a perfect size for small toys or other Kumya pochettes to carry on their backs❤︎ It's so small nothing can fit inside, but its legs and arms can all be moved and positioned however you like, even the hood is removable! It's just as if the Usakumya rucksack became a very tiny and adorable Kumya.❤︎ Please, be sure to try and pair it up with another toy or Usakumya pochette❤︎ But of course, just enjoy it as you would most like❤︎

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