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Little Briar-Rose OTKs (2016 Re-release)


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Released in 2016

Product number: 003-806

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<b>Little Briar Rose Over the Knee Socks</b> These original tights have a gothic and classic design that combines the diamond pattern with a Rococo touch, and an elegant lace design along the sides. *Size:M~L *80denier-yarn *Quality: Polyester92% Polyurethane8% *Product code / color: 003-806-18 / red 003-806-30 / blue 003-806-32 / purple 003-806-94 / black *Price: 3,456JPY Please bear in mind that the color of the cloth may look slightly different from actual item depending on your monitor. Attention ; Please use a laundry net when you wash these clothes by a washing machine. Do not use chlorine detergents. Do not wash these clothes continuously with other clothes of a different color. There is a possibility of color fading, therefore wash these clothes separately from other clothes. Please do not use a bleach. Washing these clothes by hands or using a laundry net is recommended. There is a bare possibility of printing difference because each cloth is printed by hands.

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