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Queen Cat OTKs (Pink) (2015)

クイーンキャット オーバーニーソックス(pink)

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Released in 2015

Product number: 002-986-83

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Enchantlic Enchantilly Original Print Queen Cat Over-the-Knee Socks Favorite Queen Cat Over-the-Knee Socks has come! You can find Queen Cat footprints on the sole. You can not only be soft and lovely when you put these with cloths of white or pink, but also you can be fantastic even if you put these with clothes of dark color such as black. *Size:M〜L *80denier-yarn *Quality: Polyester92% Polyurethane8% *Product code: 002-986-83 *Color: pink *Price: 3,456JPY Please bear in mind that the color of the cloth may look slightly different from actual item depending on your monitor. Attention ; Please use a laundry net when you wash these clothes by a washing machine. Do not use chlorine detergents. Do not wash these clothes continuously with other clothes of a different color. There is a possibility of color fading, therefore wash these clothes separately from other clothes. Please do not use a bleach. Washing these clothes by hands or using a laundry net is recommended. There is a bare possibility of printing difference because each cloth is printed by hands.

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