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Summer Fairy ~ Limited Set Blouse

仲夏物语 ~ 限定套餐 衬衫

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Released in 2022

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XS: 90cm | S: 94cm | M: 98cm | L: 102cm


XS: 51cm | S: 52cm | M: 53cm | L: 54cm (measured at back)


XS: 38cm | S: 39.5cm | M: 41cm | L: 42.5cm

Shoulder Width

XS: 35cm | S: 36cm | M: 37cm | L: 38cm

Sleeve Length

XS: 20cm | S: 20.5cm | M: 21cm | L: 21.5cm


[Brand comment] Summer is for fried chicken, hamburgers, french fries, ice cream! A summer limited package for midsummer girls~ The printed fabric of this series is plain weave four-way stretch, which is smooth and not wrinkled, the strap is polyester fabric, the lining is cotton, which is more breathable, and the shirt is more wrinkle-resistant polyester-cotton material. The prints are all red and mint base colors, and the straps are red and yellow, conveying the warmth and lightness of summer. This series is matched with a loose and cute college-like shirt. The shirt material is made of polyester and cotton, which is relatively wrinkle-resistant and comfortable and breathable. 
Double-layer lapel, the first layer of collar is red cyan diagonal stripes, and the second layer is red piping. The placket and sleeves also have matching red piping. The neckline is a detachable bow, and there is a logo embroidered badge on the small pocket, which is playful and cute. Fits perfectly with the straps of this series!

Enterer's note: "Limited Set" (also translated as "Limited Package" or "Limited Menu") is a reference to a limited-time-only menu item, like you might find at a fast food restaurant. The items in this series are not a limited edition or limited release. They were produced and available in normal methods and numbers.

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