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Summer Fairy ~ Limited Set Embroidered Brooch

仲夏物语 ~ 限定套餐 刺绣胸针

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Released in 2022

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Originally listed for CN¥39.00

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Bunny: 11cm | Bear: 7.8cm


Bunny: 5.7cm | Bear: 7cm


[Design notes] Brooches available in yellow "French Fries Bunny" (薯条兔兔) and brown "Hamburger Bear" (憨宝熊) styles. Brooches have pin-backs and alligator clips to be used as brooch or hairclip.

[Brand comment] Summer is for fried chicken, hamburgers, french fries, ice cream! A summer limited package for midsummer girls~ The prints are all red and mint base colors, and the straps are red and yellow, conveying the warmth and lightness of summer. About small things: This series has made a very rich collection of small things, which together make a delicious combination~ The hamburger-shaped bear and the french fries-shaped dual-purpose brooch, both of which are fluffy three-dimensional towel embroidery combined with appliqué embroidery.

Enterer's note: "Limited Set" (also translated as "Limited Package" or "Limited Menu") is a reference to a limited-time-only menu item, like you might find at a fast food restaurant. The items in this series are not a limited edition or limited release. They were produced and available in normal methods and numbers.

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