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Summer Fairy ~ Limited Set Ketchup Side Clip

仲夏物语 ~ 限定套餐 番茄酱边夹

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Released in 2022

No product number recorded.

Originally listed for CN¥49.00

Submitted by babelglyph

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[Official colorways]
- Mint (has mint and white ribbon and yellow ketchup packet embroidery)
- Red

[Design notes] Sold individually. Price is for 1 piece.
[Brand comment] Summer is for fried chicken, hamburgers, french fries, ice cream! A summer limited package for midsummer girls~ The prints are all red and mint base colors, and the straps are red and yellow, conveying the warmth and lightness of summer. How can there be no ketchup in the combo set?, so this time even the side clips are embroidered ketchup packets.
Enterer's note: "Limited Set" (also translated as "Limited Package" or "Limited Menu") is a reference to a limited-time-only menu item, like you might find at a fast food restaurant. The items in this series are not a limited edition or limited release. They were produced and available in normal methods and numbers.

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