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Fluffy Tori ~ Ars et Scientia Cosmic Necklace

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Released in 2017

Product number: AES-CNE

Originally listed for CHF 50.00

Submitted by fleurdesel

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[Brand Notes]
Our Ars et Scientia collection takes you back to a time when travelling to outer space was still some kind of magical idea and everyone was wondering which kinds of mythical creatures might be encountered on the moon. Whether you are more of a Jules Verne or Georges Méliès enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy the enchanted stardust and dreams of steam-powered space odysseys that come with this collection.

This unique necklace features our own three-dimensional astronomic pendant-designs, galactic glitter, sparkling rhinestones and facetted beads that are sure to shine like diamonds in the sky to complete your outfit – be it for watching the stars through your telescope from the safety of your own little laboratory or for going on epic adventures through time and space.

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