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Fluffy Tori ~ Build a Dream Shoe

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Released in 2021

Product number: DR-SHO

Originally listed for CHF 200.00

Submitted by fleurdesel

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[Brand Notes]
The "Build a Dream Shoe" design by Karen Whitney is one of the three winners of our first Fluffy Tori shoe design contest.

Whether you are more of an angel or a demon on the inside – this statement piece will make sure everyone who sees you knows immediately!

Opt for the bat wing version with detachable bat-winged bows in the front and bat wings on the back or the angel version with detachable regular bows in the front and angel wings on the back. Or get the a full set with all the different snap clips to make your dream shoe match a large variety of coords.

Eur 35-44 / US 5-11.5 / JP 21-28

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