Haenuli Stained Glass of Staint Giles JSK by Haenuli

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  • Bust
    Size 1 85-98cm (33.4-38.6in) / Size 2 96-110cm (37.8-43.3in)
  • Length
    97cm (38in) - include lace
  • Waist
    Size 1 63-80cm (23.8-31.4in) / Size 2 74-90cm (29.1-35.4in)
  • Other Notes
    This dress has the option of of having a print on the bodice or without.

    Size: Size 1 / Size 2
    Shoulder strap: 34 ~ 39cm (13.3in~15.3in) / 34~39cm (13.3in~15.3in) (Button hole)
    Bodice Length: 34cm(13.3in) / 34cm (13.3in) - without shoulder straps
    Skirt length: 63cm (23.8in) - include lace
    Price : 210usd

    Fabric Material: Korean fabric with "heat sublimation print" (moderately thick), chemical lace, silk ribbon

    Garment Care: First cleaning should be dry clean. After, cold wash on gentle cycle and line dry. Do not machine dry. Iron on low heat.

    Image Credit: The stained glass photo used on the dress design is credited to photographer, Sathish Jothikumar.
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