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Lady Sloth - Bat Moonlight Blouse (Cotton)

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Released in 2021

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Originally listed for $75.00

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XS: 80cm | S: 86cm | M: 91cm | L: 96cm | XL: 102cm | XXL: 108cm | 3XL: 116cm | 4XL: 124cm


XS: 57cm | S: 57cm | M: 58cm | L: 58cm | XL: 59cm | XXL: 59cm | 3XL: 60cm | 4XL: 60cm


XS: 60cm | S: 65cm | M: 71cm | L: 78cm | XL: 86cm | XXL: 94cm | 3XL: 104cm | 4XL: 112cm

Shoulder Width

XS: 35cm | S: 36cm | M: 37cm | L: 38cm | XL: 39cm | XXL: 40cm | 3XL: 42cm | 4XL: 44cm

Sleeve Length

XS: 65cm | S: 65cm | M: 66cm | L: 66cm | XL: 67cm | XXL: 67cm | 3XL: 67cm | 4XL: 67cm


100% cotton


[MADE TO ORDER: 05.03.2021 – 30.04.2021]

The blouse is made from 100 % cotton fabric. Please note that this type of fabric easy wrinkle and needs ironing.  We plan to have another MTO for more colours of cotton blouses in April. Chiffon version in 10 colourways is available at another auction.

The blouse has a cute bat collar and cuffs.


The back is partially shirred, so it can stretch few centimeters. Due to stretching it will fit perfectly on your waist no matter if it’s bigger or smaller than basic measurements. This blouse fits like our other blouses with half-shirred back.

This model is available in 8 regular sizes and a custom size option.

This blouse has shirred back, so can go a few cm bigger or a little smaller, especially in the waist area. Sleeves length includes cuffs.

All our items are manufactured in our sewing studio. Measurements can differ +/- 1-2 cm. Remember that bust and waist are circuits. We can make it with a long or short sleeve. Short sleeves are going to be puffier.
Sizes  XS, S, M, L cost 75 USD
Sizes  cost XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL 80 USD
Custom size costs 90 USD

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