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Sleepyland ~ Fancy! Mahou Shoujo Patisserie JSK and Head Bow Set

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Released in 2021

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Size 1 (84-100 cm); Size 2 (95-140 cm)


Size 1 (93 cm); Size 2 (95 cm)


100% Polyester


[Brand Notes]
More than half a year in the works, I am so excited to finally bring to you my newest collection.

Fancy! Mahou Shoujo Patisserie was inspired by my love of 90s magical girl animes and desserts. I wanted the dress to have a cafe/patisserie vibe, adding whipped cream details, ginghams and stripes.

The JSK is paired with a cafe maid KC!

[Preorder and Fulfillment Details]
Preorder Period: Nov 20th - Dec 4th (or until minimum has been reached)
Estimated Fulfillment: March-April 2022, please expect second payment some time in March.

Deposit $75
Second Payment: $200

[Fitting Details]
All measurements are done by stretching the dress as wide as possible by hand, so please allow a 2-3cm difference. If you are somewhere in the 98-99cm bust range, we suggest you to pick a size 2 for maximum comfort, accounting for a few centimeters extra for undergarments and movement. All dresses come with shirring and side zipper, along with two buttonholes for strap adjustment. Pink chestbow and gingham belt is fully detachable.

*Matching KC is included in the set but if you don't want it we can exclude that from your package. However, the price does not change.

Shipping will be collected during second payment period.

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