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Daydreaming Goldfish Tuck JSK


Item Info

Released in 2015

Product number: 12052003

Originally listed for ¥34,344.00

Submitted by asternoon

Published on


87 cm


(BC) 70.7 cm + 3 cm // (BNP) 89 cm + 3 cm


70 cm


Original Daydreaming Goldfish print fabric(crepe de Chine polyester 100%), royal satin, torchon lace, glittering ribbon, dull satin ribbon, tassel


[Official colorways]
- black/solid deep blue royal satin /gold lace/gold ribbon/deep blue ribbon/deep blue tassel/deep blue button
- off white/solid red royal satin/gold lace/gold ribbon/red ribbon/red tassel/red button
- deep blue/solid red royal satin/gold lace/gold ribbon/red ribbon/red tassel/red button

[Design notes] Shirred back, detachable waist ribbon, solid color royal satin ribbon broach, pullover,ribbons on skirt, detachable waist ribbon and waist are sewn, comes with lining, buttons are just for design

[Additional info] Skirt length: 53 cm + 3cm

[Rerelease info] Items for the resale】 Arrival date of 1st resale items:the end of April - May *Daydreaming Goldfish Tuck Pinafore Dress(Off White・Deep Blue) *Daydreaming Goldfish Ribbon combs (set of 2)(Off White・Deep Blue) *Daydreaming Goldfish Wristbands(Off White・Deep Blue) *Daydreaming Goldfish Over Knee High Socks(Black・Off White・Navy) Pre-order for Over Knee High Socks only accepted on the 1st pre-order. Arrival date of 2nd resale items:the end of June - July *Daydreaming Goldfish Tuck Pinafore Dress(Black・Off White・Deep Blue) *Daydreaming Goldfish Ribbon combs (set of 2)(Black・Off White・Deep Blue) *Daydreaming Goldfish Wristbands(Black・Off White・Deep Blue) If items for the 1st pre-order get sold-out, we'll accept the 2nd pre-order.【The pre-order start date of the resale】 ★Metamorphose owned store February 27th, Sat.2016(JST) ★Metamorphose Online Store★ around 12pm, February 29(JST)

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