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Margaret Flower Gingham Headdress with Ribbon Clip


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Released in 2023

Product number: 150240071

Originally listed for ¥8,250.00

Submitted by slimmmeiske2

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"Margaret Flower Gingham" fabric (100% polyester), gingham plaid (100% cotton), torchon lace, chemical lace, raschel lace, satin ribbon, faux margaret flower


[Official Colorways]- Pink : lavender gingham/ off white lace/ lavender ribbon/ off white faux flower- Saxe Blue : saxe blue gingham/ off white lace/ saxe blue ribbon/ saxe blue faux flower- Navy : navy gingham/ off white lace/ navy ribbon/ off white faux flower
- Yellow : yellow gingham/ off white lace/ yellow ribbon/ yellow faux flower
< Important Notice >
Please note that the pink color for additional production is different from the pink color that is already on sale.
[Design Notes]the clip in the back of headdress
♢ accessories of this item (detachable)
* ribbon clip with faux flower × 1
* chin ribbon

[Brand Comment]It is a headdress that uses two types of fabrics,sheer margaret flower fabric and gingham plaid ♪
The ribbon clip with faux margaret flower is coming with headdress, so it can be attach with headdress or without headdress. Also the chin ribbon can be removed from the headdress,and the headdress can be attached with the clip, so please enjoy the style you like♡

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