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Secret Eden OP Set

Secret EDEN パック

Item Info

Released in 2016

Product number: 100000890000

Originally listed for ¥28,080.00

Submitted by sucrebaroque

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[Set contents]
- 1 short sleeve OP
- 1 head bow
- 1 pair of socks
- 1 pair of bloomers
- 1 pannier

[Official colorways]
- Black/black secret EDEN puff sleeve dress/black secret EDEN ribbon headbow/black×blue over knee high socks/black bloomers/black organdie pannier
- Antique White/antique white secret EDEN puff sleeve dress/antique white secret EDEN ribbon headbow/antique white×brown over knee high socks/antique white bloomers/antique white organdie pannier 5 piece set

[Material] Puff sleeve Dresss: Original Secret EDEN print satin cotton (cotton 100%), rose button Ribbon Headbow: Original Secret EDEN print satin cotton (cotton 100%), tulle lace Socks: nylon Organdie Pannier: organdie Bloomers: cotton broadcloth, raschel lace ♥

[Design notes] ♥ Puff Sleeve Dress: pull zipper on left, shirred back, detachable waist ribbon, Secret EDEN print ribbon broach×3, comes with liner except sleeves Organdie Pannier: full shirred waist, comes with lining, two layers of organdie Bloomers: full shirred waist

Puff sleeve Dress:
♥Length: BC-84.5cm(31.6in), BNP-91cm(34in)
♥Bust: 91cm(34in)
♥Waist: 71cm(26.5in)
♥Skirt length: waist~55㎝(20.5in)
Organdie Pannier:
♥length 38cm (14.9in)
♥length 40cm (15.7in)
♥waist 55cm - 130cm (21.6 - 51.1in)

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