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Twinkle Journey Open Front JSK

twinkle journeyフロントあきジャンパースカート

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Released in 2021

Product number: 12011017

Originally listed for ¥26,400.00

Submitted by slimmmeiske2

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BC-73cm(28.7in)+ lace / BNP-96cm(37.7in)+ lace


70cm(27.5in) ~ approx. max 106cm(41.7in)


original "Twinkle Journey" printed fabric (100% cotton), torchon lace, original tulle lace, satin ribbon, star charm, button with rhinestone

Skirt Length

WL-60cm(23.6in)+ lace


[Official Colorways]- Black : off white torchon lace/ black tulle lace/ black ribbon/ gold charm- Smoky Saxe Blue : off white torchon lace/ off white tulle lace/ saxe blue ribbon/ silver charm- Purple : black torchon lace/ black tulle lace/ black ribbon/ gold charm* button with rhinestone : clear

[Design Notes] lined, shirred back, pull over
♢ accessories of this item (detachable)
* ribbon brooch × 1
* back shoulder bow tie
* back waist bow tie

★Length: BC-73cm(28.7in)+ lace / BNP-96cm(37.7in)+ lace
★Waist: 70cm(27.5in) ~ approx. max 106cm(41.7in)
★Skirt Length: WL-60cm(23.6in)+ lace* Regarding the max size, the product was put on a flat surface and measured. Please note that the measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

[Brand Comment] A fantastic landscape under the night sky where the stars shine... Start your twinkle journey to somewhere in the world ♪ The dress with a wide open front goes perfectly with a blouse with plenty of frills ♪ Also, the back view of ranged ribbons is fascinating ♡

Also released in Plus Size (larger than this item).

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