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Nocturnal Romance Dress and Headdress Set (Moi-même-Moitié × Krad Lanrete special collaboration)

Nocturnal Romance ドレス+ヘッドドレス(Moi-même-Moitié × Krad Lanrete special collaboration)

Item Info

Released in 2019

Product number: a-00209

Originally listed for ¥52,030.00

Submitted by makusaku

Published on


S: 86cm | M: 90cm | L: 94cm | XL: 98cm


S: Front 89cm, Back 105cm | M: Front 90cm, Back 106cm | L: Front 91cm, Back 107cm | XL: Front 92cm, Back 108cm


S: 70cm | M: 74cm | L: 78cm | XL: 82cm

Shoulder Width

S: 41cm | M: 42cm | L: 43cm | XL: 44cm

Sleeve Length

S: 63cm | M: 64cm | L: 65cm | XL: 66cm


【Product Codes】
(White size: S) x-00209-1-S(White size: M) x-00209-1-M(White size: L) x-00209-1-L(White Size: XL) x-00209-1-XL(Black size: S) x-00209-2-S(Black size: M) x-00209-2-M(Black size: L) x-00209-2-L(Black size: XL) x-00209-2-XL
100% Outer polyester
100% lining polyester
tulle fabric 100% Nylon
embroidery face yarn 100% rayon
embroidery thread back 100% cotton

Bust: 86cm
High waist circumference: 70cm
Length: Front 89cm Back 105cm
Shoulder width: 41cm
Sleeve length: 63cmM
bust: 90cm
high waist circumference: 74cm
Length: front 90cm back 106cm
shoulder width: 42cm
sleeve length: 64cmL
bust: 94cm
high waist circumference: 78cm
Length: 91cm front 107cm back
Shoulder width: 43cm
Sleeve length: 65cmXL
bust: 98cm
high waist circumference: 82cm
Length: front 92cm back 108cm
shoulder width:
44cm sleeve length: 66cm

【Other Notes】
Candlestick charm with ribbon is removable
Belt is removable
Yoke ribbons & back ribbons are sewn down 
Back lace-up ribbons are adjustable
Armholes and cuffs are shirred

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