Infanta Black Sugary Tea Vintage Vest JSK by TaoBao


sugary vest_brown-4.jpg
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  • Bust
    S 84cm, M 88 cm, L 92cm, XL 96 cm
  • Length
    S 88cm, M 90cm, L 92cm, XL 94cm
  • Waist
    S 68cm, M 72cm, L 76cm, XL 80cm
  • Other Notes
    Price: 388 yuan

    In 2012 a black colorway was available, the 2013 relisting only has the brown colorway.
    The 2012 brown colorway appears to have had heart buttons, the 2013 version has round buttons.
    The skirt is made from a vintage tapestry/upholstery styled fabric, and the vest is a suede fabric.

    The front vest buttons are functional but the vest cannot be removed.
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