Site Overhaul

Amelia — 24th May 2017 20:30 UTC+1

Faceted Searching has just been added.

This means that you can now search similarly to how the old site worked. This is a stopgap while I work on overhauling the site's UI to look quite a bit nicer.

Right now, there's only a single person working on the site (me), and I'm swamped with work at my job, so updates suddenly became sporadic. However, we have a couple more people helping out on the design/infrastructure side of things, so I'll be able to work on lolibrary's site a little more.

We have a full UI overhaul on the way

I'm certainly not a designer, so we got an actual designer to help out with making the site look a little more impressive. This will be a full rewrite of the UI and will mean that I can fully fix the instant searching, along with keeping your current search state. I've already updated the logo above!